Floods, engineer Gëzim Beqaj: The state should consult with experts, I am sorry that…

Intense rains in recent weeks brought floods in some areas of the country, where the most problematic were the area of ​​Nënshkodra and Lezha.

Engineer, Gëzim Beqaj, invited to Ora News, says that the state should seek the help of professionals in the field, in this case engineers, to cope with such emergencies.

For this, he took the example of an Economic Institute in the Netherlands, where the government there, before making a tax-related change, first consults with this Institute and then passes the matter to parliament.

Beqaj: I am taking a very simple example, I am taking the Netherlands. There is an institute that is economics. But the Dutch government and the Dutch parliament, when they want to take a legal initiative to change a tax, first send it to the institute and then to parliament. Politics must eventually understand, by holding engineering hostage, the former taking unnecessary risks and the latter easing. Will take a product where engineering will be an end of public interest, it is not a private end but public when engineers will pay their code and the public or any interested when requesting an engineering service will be directed to where everything will be transparent. I have nothing to do with politics at all in personal terms, I’m sorry you are not doing it, there is no reason. It is the opposite, it must do.

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