"It is not the fault of the earthquake", engineer Beqaj highlights the shortcomings of constructions in Albania "

Gëzim Beqaj, civil engineer, in an interview for Euronews Albania was of the opinion that the main problem that constructions have in Albania is the engineering discipline, despite the fact that the earthquake was very strong.

He pointed out that the new constructions have not suffered serious damage from the earthquake, which shows that the quality of constructions has not been a problem.

Due to the inaction of the state in its time, a good part of the apartments were depreciated and due to the lack of maintenance in the old apartments, there was a lot of damage from the earthquake, while in terms of new housing the engineer was of the opinion that there was no damage related to non-compliance with construction standards.

“Engineering willingly and with initiative adopted the Eurocodes (not with legal obligation) and this is to be welcomed. On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the Albanian politics, of the Albanian government to take immediate measures. To my knowledge, instructions or bylaws have been issued so far, but that is not enough, ”said the engineer.

According to him, the government should not only focus on setting standards but also on how construction takes place to oversee what happened during the implementation and delivery of a project.

To provide an engineering service with professional ethics, this is what is intended through discipline, which as explained by engineer Beqaj in our country is missing.

He said that since 2009 the Albanian government is not implementing a law called “Law on Regulated Professions”, which means that the Albanian government has been forced to create the “Engineer Order” and has not done so.

It is precisely this order, as explained by Gëzim Beqaj, that affects the formation and punishment of civil engineers and consequently brings full responsibility in construction.

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