• Excellent walkability with possibility of non-slip finish
  • High elasticity and capacity to bridge cracks in the surface
  • Total adhesion to base
  • Easy and fast application, self-levelling
  • Quick curing, regardless of rain, in 4 hours, also in conditions of high ambient humidity
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation

Stop the problems of

  • Slippery walk-on surfaces
  • Non-walk-on waterproofing
  • Damage caused by abrasion
  • Thicknesses not compatible with tiling

Walk-on, waterproof, non-slip finish

Topshield has its characteristic double layer.

1) primer

AQUASCUD 500 is a silane modified polymer-based waterproof coating paste, solvent-free, ready for use and cold-applicable. It hardens by reacting with the ambient humidity creating an elastic elastomer membrane with excellent mechanical performance. The coating is semi-glossy light grey with smooth finish; it is non-slip if combined with the specific GRIPPER filler (see under “Finish”), also available in various colours.

Where to use it

  • Walk-on finish of Volteco waterproofing, in combination with AQUASCUD BASIC membrane on screed and flooring in general such as balconies, terraces, pedestrian walkways, sidewalks, stairways etc…
  • Waterproofing of screeds and cement floors in general
  • Repair of bituminous coatings either with smooth or slated finish

System component for…

  • Terrace and roof waterproofing
  • Balcony waterproofing
  • Big steps and stairways

2) surface finish
3) linoleum

The 1st layer acts as a primer that is flexible and elastic. The primer is UV cured creating a strong bond with the linoleum surface.

The 2nd layer is a tough surface finish that is dirt repellent and resistant to scratches and staining. With Topshield2 the formulation of both finish layers has been improved and this time also the topfinish layer is UV cured for even higher performance.

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