CORKPAN is a totally natural cork panel because it is obtained through a thermal roasting process, therefore without the addition of glues or chemicals.

The thermal roasting process allows the melting of the resins naturally contained in the bark, which act as a natural glue to aggregate the granules and form the panel.

Roasting does not alter the characteristics of the cork , on the contrary it improves them , as it allows the granule to expand, without incorporating air and improving its insulation characteristics .

The brown color of the product is not due to an alteration of the cork but only to its roasting.

The CORKPAN panel guarantees high fire resistance and excellent dimensional stability – even in contact with water and humidity. CORKPAN has no “duration” limits and maintains its performance over time.

Thermal conductivity tested  at 10 ° C: λ D =  0.039 W / m ° K  (sample taken from cold rooms  after 45 years of use ).

Visit the section dedicated to the ISOVIT CORK external insulation system (compliant with ETAG004)


Dimensions100 x 50 cm
Thicknessesfrom 10 to 320 mm
Density110 kg / m3
Thermal conductivity declared at 10 ° CλD.= 0.039 W / mK
Thermal conductivity tested at 10 ° Cλ = 0.036 W / mK
Water vapor diffusion resistanceμ = 20 (5-30)
Absorption of water≤ 0.5 kg / m2
Fire resistantEuroclass E
Dynamic stiffness≤ 126 MN / m3
Specific heat1900 J / kgK
Compression resistance (10% deformation)≥100 kPa
Dimensional stabilityGreat
DurabilityAlways superior to the life of the building
Environmental certificationsNatureplus certified, ICEA certified for green building | ANAB
CE markingCE (EN13170)
Presence of glues or chemical bindersNone – Test certificate


Self-expanded self-glued cork insulation panel (ICB) without CORKPAN chemical adhesives thickness mm …, with the following characteristics:

  • size 100 x 50cm
  • density 110 kg / m 3
  • CE mark (EN13170)
  • λ D = 0.039 W / m ° K (UNI EN 12667 and EN 10456)
  • µ = 20 (UNI EN 12086)
  • Reaction to fire = Euroclass E (UNI EN 13501-1)
  • Compressive strength = 100 kPa (UNI EN 826)
  • Natureplus® certified
  • ANAB-ICEA certificate for green building
  • Biosafe validated for indoor air quality (VOC)
  • 100% recycled source material (meets CAM)


  • Meets CAMs for Ecobonus 110%
  • 100% natural
  • CE marked (EN13170)
  • Natureplus ® certified
  • ANAB-ICEA certificate for green building
  • 100% from recycled raw material
  • 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Validated Biosafe (COV)
  • A + rated for healthiness (VOC)
  • Insensitive to water and rot-proof
  • Unlimited duration

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