Quality control of construction works. Solution creating the Engineer Order

The Government has submitted to the Assembly a draft law on “Control and discipline of construction works”, which aims to control and test new buildings, a draft law which has not yet been approved is causing much debate. The new draft also toughens the punitive measures for the subjects that will violate the law in the constructions that they will undertake. The fines for those who will violate the legal framework will be 1-3 million ALL depending on the case, and not more than 50 thousand to 2 million ALL as contained in the current law.

According to construction engineers the purpose of the law is OK, but the way it is being sought to be realized is not what they expect. According to them everything should have been resolved best and finally with the establishment of the Professional Order of Engineer. “Since the first steps after the earthquake, we were the engineers who found that 90% of the problems that appeared during the earthquake were the non-implementation of construction quality protocols.

Not because of ignorance but not for the implementation of engineering services in Albania. We take responsibility of field engineers or in construction designs. Today there are no engineering services covered by insurance. The Order of the Engineer states literally that every professional must have secured the firm, so that the responsibility lies with the engineer who has the firm covered by insurance “- said engineer Gëzim Beqaj.

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