Engineer Beqaj: KLSH deals with the deadlines of works, but not with the quality of roads or projects! The erosion of the river bed is destroying the bridges

Gëzim Beqaj, Secretary General of the Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers spoke on the issue of the collapse of roads and bridges due to floods in recent days. In an interview for Report Tv, with the journalist Besard Jacaj said that these things happen because in Albania the institutions have been destroyed and no responsibility is held for the damage done. Engineer Beqaj says that there are two major problems, the lack of a Construction Institution and the Engineering Order, which leads to the avoidance of responsibility and irresponsibility for the demolition of roads or bridges.

“In recent years we have very good jobs, but nature does its thing. We in Albania have destroyed institutions. These jobs are not solved with public administration but with institutions, we lack construction institutes. What we have today has only the name, but “It does not perform any function of the Institute of Construction. The institute should play the role of the leader of science. there are two things that have been missing in Albania for years, the institute of construction and the engineering order and it is the fault of politics that they manage it”, said engineer Beqaj .

The engineer said the lack of discipline today has brought this chaos to engineering projects. He said that although the materials are much better than before the 90s, today there is a lack of control by institutions. He also criticized the Supreme State Audit, saying that instead of dealing with the quality of construction, it is caught by meeting deadlines. Regarding the collapse of the bridges, he said that the main problem comes from the erosion of the river bed that changes the flow of water that reveals the legs of the bridge leading to their destruction and lack of timely maintenance.

“KLSH is more concerned with the deadline of works as it is respected than the quality of the project. There are two moments before 1990 and after 1990. After 90 although we did not have these good materials but we had a lot of discipline where each company had its own laboratory and controls. We have destroyed all this today, we have more quality and quality in materials but there is a lack of control and discipline and engineering today is no longer responsible for the work done.In connection with the collapse of bridges I see the problem in the maintenance and corrosion of the bed “All this then reveals the foundations of the foot of the bridge and then their collapse. So this comes from the mistreatment of the river bed,” said Beqaj.

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