The Order of Engineers, why does Albania need it?

Albania is one of the few countries that does not have an order for the engineering profession. Efforts to set up such an order, regulated by a special law, have been underway for several years. The Albanian Association of Consulting Engineers has signed in 2017 an agreement with the Ministry of Transport, now the Ministry of Infrastructure.

This association set up a working group to draft the law that would enable the order. In parallel, she signed a cooperation agreement with the Italian Order of Engineers, to receive assistance from them. The same cooperation was established with the Dutch Association of Engineers. For the drafting of a law as complete as possible, the opinion of Albanian experts and academics was taken.

In October 2018, the draft law agreed with 10 other associations of engineers and certified by the Italian Order and the Dutch association was sent to the government. The latter set up the working group, to review the draft brought by the engineers and thus enable the Order of Engineers. Why is this order necessary for Albania? What are the benefits to citizens and the economy? This topic was discussed this Wednesday at A2 Business Week, where guests were Farruk Kaba, president of the Association of Engineers and Gëzim Beqaj, secretary of the Association of Engineers. “This is a practice, an experience that all countries of the world have. Organizing businesses is very important, not only for businesses, but also for government. In Albania there are several orders, while engineering, which is at the core of construction, of all industrial activities, still does not have an order. Attempts have been made since 2007, when all the documents were prepared, but failed. This order is necessary for the good of the economy. The order not only certifies the engineers according to the criteria, but it also takes them in a certain exam to “test” them. “At the Millennium Conference in 2000, it was said: ‘Engineering and engineers are the generators of human society,'” said Farruk Kaba, president of the Association of Engineers.

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