About Us

Who we are

The company Jon sh.p.k. was established in 1994 by the sole partner ing. Gezim Beqaj.
In accordance with the demands of the time market and the experience of Beqaj so far, we have undertaken and successfully completed engineering works such as: water supply and sewerage, roads, irrigation and drainage canals, drinking water reservoirs, reservoirs , oil supply lines, civil and socio-cultural constructions, etc.
We have managed to become a positive factor for serious entrepreneurship, especially in the district of Fier, but not only.
Our enterprises until 2007 are provided by participation in competitions from public funds as well as those of various organizations or foreign governments, as well as private investors.
The objective we had to expand and increase the capacity of the company has been achieved with complete success, reflected in the increase of service standards.
The basic principles that we have had and have are:
“Quality is non-negotiable” and “Update with new technologies in the field in Europe and in the world”.
Thus Jon sh.p.k. has become a well-known name in the possession of standards and quality.
The whole history of our development has been and is focused on the introduction of new technologies and the best on the market in the field of construction.
Our goal is to transfer these technologies to the Albanian market and beyond. We have managed to have in the Balkan market the representation of about 20 technologies and brands from the best in the European and world market.
Thus, we have become a reference of technologies and engineering solutions in the market and we have seriously influenced the increase of standards and the introduction of innovations in construction, especially in the field of waterproofing, thermal insulation, professional floors, materials for drinking water supply and sewerage systems, etc.
From 2007 onwards our services are focused almost entirely on the private market, avoiding public competition.
You can see on our web some of the best technologies of the European and world market, for which we officially have the representation for the region Albania-Kosovo-Northern Macedonia.

Our Vision

By cooperating and transferring to the regional market the best European and world technologies, we will always remain one of the most sought after and will guarantee for our customers the best standard.
Standard service and the same guarantee for all products, the same as if the customer received them in origin, guaranteeing the originality of the product and service, through our specialists certified by each brand we represent.
Updating with innovations in new technologies and continuous qualification, are the only assurance that we always remain first.

Our Values

Values ​​are created by working and are stored when jobs speak for themselves. We have created them over the years, respecting some principles:
– “From the moment you are paid by the client, in fact you have” bought “the problem and any kind of stress related to what you have sold”, which means CORRECTLY.
– “Error is unacceptable”, which means RELIABILITY AND QUALITY.
– “Quality is non-negotiable”, which means GUARANTEE and STANDARDIZATION.
– “Technical solutions well studied and consulted with our partners, who have given us the representation of the product, under their responsibility”, which means SUSTAINABILITY, Longevity and SAFETY.
– “Tell customers what you know to do well, and not what others do not do well”, which means RESPECT and ETHICS in the service.

Jon sh.p.k. is already an undisputed value in the regional market, bringing in a dignified way the products from the most serious and best manufacturers in Europe and beyond.
But what makes the difference is that we are constantly enriching the market and engineering services with the latest and safest technologies.
And we will continue to add values.

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