Rezervuari i ujit te pishem SHKODER

Ujesjelles dhe Kanalizime
Constructor : Jon SH P K
Investitor : Austrian Government
Address: Shkoder Albania
Status: Completed, Completed
Duration : 2021 – 2021

The nature of the works carried out at Rezervuari i ujit te pishem SHKODER are listed below:

• Dismantling of reinforced concrete roof and depot columns 8000 m3
• Concreting of floor leveling layers
• Reinforced concreting of the floor divided into parts with waterstop
• Reinforced concreting of walls with parts and with waterstpo vertically
• Reinforced concreting of columns and soles
• Soil waterproofing
• Hydraulic connections
• Command room

Important: All concretes are being applied in accordance with ONORMA (Austrian standard) referring to “white concrete” waterproof to 100% and without waterproofing.

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