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Triple protection active for watertight waterproofing

AMPHIBIA 3000 is a waterproof membrane in EPDM, reactive to contact with water, SELF-REPAIRING and SELF-SEALING. This is composed of a co-extruded, multi-layer, polymer, continuous coat, with differentiated function for total water tightness of underground structures against water seepage. It is composed of 3 layers with expansive capacity differentiated by the following features: – TIGHT BARRIER, WATERTIGHT layer – CORE, self-sealing and self-repairing super expansive safety layer, even in the event of a puncture – ACTIVE BARRIER, hydro-reactive layer with controlled expansion, prevents side water seepage and seals the overlaps.

Where to use it

  • Waterproofing and protection of concrete underground structures, such as residential and industrial dwellings, shopping malls, public works etc. which require close and continuous contact between the waterproofing product and the structure (foundation walls) It can also be used in other structures such as channels, tanks, purification systems, tunnels, etc…
  • Anti-damp protection for concrete structures built at ground level such as underfloor screeds


  • Cold application with the possibility of testing tightness through simple inspections
  • Self-sealing overlappings
  • Absolute impermeability with no side seepage of water
  • Immediate mechanical protection, self-repairing also on accidental holes
  • High resistance to hydraulic load
  • High flexibility and capacity to bridge cracks
  • Easy passage of connecting reinforcements with self-sealing holes
  • Resistance to aggressive natural agents contained in the ground
  • Also usable in the presence of salt water
  • Water tightness of the system even when water is not constantly present

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