Marmoleum Fresco

Fresh, delicate, balanced. Marmoleum Fresco flooring has a strong palette of subtly blended tone-on-tone floor designs each creating a fresh, delicate and balanced aesthetic.

The soft contrast of its refined marbled structure gives a gentle feel which sets the stage for calm and soothing interiors. The softness of Fresco enables it to sit well next to all other Marbled and Striato designs.

All Marmoleum Fresco colors can be manufactured in a 3,5 mm Marmoleum Decibel construction (18 dB sound reduction), subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time. Decibel items marked with “*” are available from stock.

2939/72939/293935 black

Thickness 2 mm / 2,5 mm / 3,5 mm
Length x width ≤ 33 m x 200 cm
≤ 33 m x 195 cm
NCS S 9000-N
LRV 5%

Class 23: Domestic heavy Class 32: Commercial general Class 33: Commercial heavy Class 34: Commercial very heavy Class 41: Light Industrial moderate Class 42: Light Industrial general Class 43: Light Industrial heavy Reaction to fire: Cfl-s1 Acoustical impact noise reduction 18dB Electrical resistance Bacteriostatic Marmoleum Authentic: guaranteed stock available for 2,5 mm dessins until the end of 2028

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Defining natural spaces

Our new Marmoleum Marbled flooring presents the classic marbled pattern in 5 intriguing organic structures; RealFrescoVivaceSplash & Terra. This sustainable linoleum floor covering offers the largest resilient flooring color bank. The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone. Why choose Marmoleum Marbled flooring? MADE BY NATURE ● Marmoleum is manufactured from natural raw materials ● Low in emission, free from plasticizers and synthetic additives ● The Marmoleum product range is a CO2 neutral floor covering solution (from cradle to gate). ● Made to contribute to a healthy indoor environment INSPIRED BY NATURE ● Largest resilient flooring color bank. See the complete color overview. ● The soft, natural feel of Marbled coordinates well with woods and stones ● Its blend of colors provides versatility when combining with other surfaces ● The different patterns can be effortlessly mixed or used alone ● Intriguing organic structures RELIABLE BY NATURE ● Versatile in its application, durable in use ● Easy to install with net fit seam technology ● Easy to clean and good appearance retention ● Reliable, based on proven performance of millions of m2 installed worldwide Application areas Because of its special characteristics Marmoleum Marbled flooring is an excellent flooring choice for almost all application areas, like healthcare flooring, school floors, hospitality flooring, retail floors and so on. Acoustic & conductive linoleum Marmoleum Marbled is offered as conductive flooring (Marmoleum Ohmex) and acoustic flooring ( Marmoleum DecibelMarmoleum Acoustic), offering 18db and 14dB sound reduction. Marmoleum Fire retardant For those areas where extended fire retardancy protection is required, Forbo has developed 2.5 mm Marmoleum FR. This new variant has an improved reaction to fire classification: Bfl-s1, G, CS according to EN 13501-1. Marmoleum FR is also classified as a D-s2, d0 wallcovering in accordance with EN 15102. Marmoleum FR is available on request and minimum order quantities and lead times apply. Please contact your local sales organization for more information.

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