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Jon shpk with an experience of over 26 years in the construction market and as a representative of over 20 companies producing technologies and products under construction from EU countries but also beyond as in Australia or England, etc. has gained a satisfactory experience and qualification, able to provide high level consultants in some very specific areas in the construction sector. Given that our engineering staff is trained and certified by all companies that we cooperate and given that JON shpk maintains continuous official contacts and contracted with the technical offices of all representations that it owns, Jon shpk offers consultancy and provides solutions in these areas:

o Waterproofing of all types and problems

o Thermal and acoustic insulation

o Drinking water treatment of polluted water and waste

o System of drinking water pipes, sewerage and deposits and their tests.

o Floors of all types in function of the function of the object

o Concrete treatment or production of hydrotechnical concrete

o Treatment of roads and road substrates without the need to use aggregates.

o Verification of the depreciation condition of concrete, concrete floors or masses (substrates) as well as their damage or determination of the amount of moisture they have inside as well as their methods and repair.