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Flooring Systems

Jon shpk is one of the first in Albania that has offered services in the construction of industrial buildings. Starting with the first projects from 2002 onwards Jon shpk has realized dozens of contracts. To give an indisputable quality JON shpk undertakes – Visit to the construction site and issue issues – Technical solution including the project – Supervision or supervision of concrete production according to the appropriate grade – follow according to a standard protocol materials (except concrete) are offered by JON shpk as relevant additives, steel fiber or polypropylene, quartz added according to the relevant floor requirement and all equipment and machinery.

Jon shpk offers the realization of apoxide or resin floors mainly those of the industrial sector. Jon shpk is the official representative of the Italian company SIVIT for the region of the Western Balkans. mainly in the industrial sector as well as resin or epoxy paints. We have realized some very important construction sites in Albania, offering full guarantees in accordance with CE norms. Each site is evaluated by the technical engineering staff of Jon shpk as well as the technical office of SIVIT. Jon shpk does not sell epoxy based products but PROVIDS GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS. Our way of working is – Knatieri Assessment-Technical solution and Realization of works that for important construction sites is performed with an Italian specialist. For more technical information about the products you can visit the web: www.sivit.it or log in directly from our site.

Jon shpk has over 10 years that offers in the market also antibacterial and conductive floors Linoleum (Marmoleumi), Vinyl, Flotexi etc.Jon shpk is the official representative of the Forbo group, the largest and highest quality manufacturer in the world based in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) , Which has over ten factories in Europe alone as e.g. in Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, England, etc. Linoleum flooring or as we call it with the commercial brand MARMOLEUM are the only ones in the world market that are produced from 100% natural raw materials. These floors are recommended for hospital, pharmaceutical, food etc. and of course are a luxury if used in residential or socio-cultural environments. Ion also offers floors for operating rooms or work environments where the use of electronic dishes or machinery contaminates the environment with electrical loads. These floors ( conductive) enable the discharge of weak currents through grounding thus enabling a normal activity of staff or anyone in these environments. The range of Forbo products is extremely large. Forbo is a world leader in the range of products and quality in possession today over 65% of the world market. Jon shpk is certified by Forbo and offers guaranteed service in the market in accordance with norms The engineers, architects and installers of the company JON shpk are all trained and certified by Forbo Hollande (Amsterdam). One of our works in Albania is Siptali HYGEIA where all floors are made (about 12000 m2) with Marmoleum for Indoor facilities such as intensive care rooms, patient rooms, corridors, doctors’ rooms, laboratories and medical wards. Also, 12 operating rooms have been realized with the homogeneous conductive Colorex product. To see more about these products you can visit web: www.forbo.com or logo through the website of Jon shpk.