Golden Bridge international

Jon sh.p.k is the official official of this company for countries such as: Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Germany.

Golden Bridge international is an independent commodity trading company.

We have worldwide activities in the sourcing, transporting, storage and supplies of Sugar, Chicken Parts, Copper, Clinker, Soya Gmo and Non Gmo, Corn, Jet Fuels, Coffee and Cocoa etc . Our success is built upon knowledge of the market, reliability and independence. We strive to be a reliable and competitive partner, working to contribute to our customers’ and suppliers’ expansion and development.

GOLDEN BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL LTD is a comprehensive international trading company set up in Hong Kong. The company was formed at the very beginning of the business with the sole purpose to source, acquire, and develop a sustainable, operational base of highquality, high-performance and high-profit precious metals mining & set up production lines for clients in China and in South East of Asia. As time goes on, the managing fields expand to, sea project construction, petroleum oil trading for crude oil, precious metal & metallurgical investment, full technology services and other commodities business based in South East of Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan Korea and China. Now, Golden Bridge International is well know in many different fields, especially in the petroleum oil business, and is playing a very important role in the development of the economy of South East of Asia & China.


  • Light & Heavy Crude Oil and All Petroleum Commodities
  • All kind of chemicals
  • Bitumen (Asphalt) for road
  • LPG, LNG


The Global Investment and Trading Community continue to face great challenges and a lack of authenticity and professionalism to the way deal flow is conducted. These uncertainties are misleading and can cause a great deal of frustration and financial loss for the genuine suppliers, investors, asset owners and facilitating parties.

Golden Bridge International Global Limited and its associates are committed to providing quality business opportunities with professional and efficient facilitation of the deal flow process with real and competitive supply and purchasing channels.

The vision and mission of Golden Bridge International Global Ltd is to be a pioneering business bridge between its associates and partners with the intention to conclude high value deal flow within the crude oil, gas LPG/LNG and Chemical as well as bitumen sectors.

At present, Golden Bridge International Global Ltd has entered into an very important stage of development which presents us with great opportunities as well as challenges. We will continue to work as a bridge to link the supplier refineries of crude oil to the end users in the Far east Asia area and give out our best services to all of our clients.

We sincerely welcome our old and new customers to work closely with us,and we promise to do our utmost to co-operate with anyone one who want to develop good business relationship with us. All the business will be done based on mutual benefits with our customers and clients. Let’s join our hands to create the glorious future!