Higenization with Ozone (O3)

Jon shpk in 2020 has introduced to the market Italian equipment that serves for the hygiene of closed rooms or environments as well as for vehicles such as cars, ambulances, trucks transporting food or buses, etc. (die) of all living things, viruses, microbes and bacteria including corona virus. The devices are CE certified and can be operated at 220 V or even 12 V (for vehicles). chemicals and at the end of the process which lasts a few minutes or even an hour or two (depending on the size of the environment), ozone (o #) is converted to oxygen O2 100% healthy and natural. disinfects the whole environment and any object or surface of the object that has contact with the air, which is impossible to do with the current methods of detergent or spraying. are bugs guaranteed and most preferred to be accepted by customers as they are safe.