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Thermal Insulation 100% Natural

Jon shpk, as a representative of the company Tecno Shugeri in 2020 has introduced to the market thermal insulation and acoustic products that are produced from 100% natural raw materials. It is the only product in the world that is 100% natural produced from the bark of a special tree and after being treated only with water vapor for disinfection and packaging it is pressed into panels ready to be used for thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. air passage, does not burn, does not allow the passage of moisture and with 50 years warranty (certified) the best solution are our products. They are very easy to install and guarantee a much better quality of life from similar products obtained from processes Chemical – industrial that close the “communication” of the air and that are also dangerous to health and life. For more info you can visit the web or through the web to Jon shpk.