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Unactivated Concretes

Jon shpk sin is one of the Albanian companies that constantly invests for the introduction of innovative technologies in construction that in 2020 has introduced to the market products of the English company CONCRETE CANVAS representing it in the Western Balkans region. These products are a novelty for the region and specifically through them it is possible to make concrete for irrigation and drainage canals, basins or dams, river defenses or slopes and road slopes, etc., without the need to use concrete produced on site or in concrete factories. Concrete Cnvas products come produced by the factory in the form of a “blanket” consisting of two fibrous membranes which are connected to each other with artificial fibers, while between the two membranes is the material formulated in the factory with cement, inert and relevant additives. which when in contact with water are activated by turning into concrete within 24 hours. The finished material is installed on the surfaces of the respective canal or escarpment mechanically and then wetted with water (with any type of water). In this way we have obtained a concrete Reinforced with many times better Chemical-mechanical properties than traditional concrete and with durability or lifetime warranty certified of 120 years, resistant to sun and low temperatures and frost. For more you can visit the web: www.concretecanvas .com or navigate through the site of Jon shpk.