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In the field of Waterproofing Ion shpk has started to serve in the market from 2005 onwards.
Initially we cooperated with the Italian company Nord Resine as the exclusive representative in the market, realizing some difficult ventures for the time and level of development and application of denomination technologies in Albania.
From 2008 onwards, JON associates enjoys the official representation for the Western Balkans region of the Italian company VOLTECO, which is one of the best in the EU as a manufacturer of waterproofing materials.
Our technical engineering staff as well as our application specialists, perform annual trainings in Italy, being provided with the relevant certificates in order to offer guaranteed services and products.
All our services in this field are guaranteed for quality in accordance with CE standards.
We are able to provide solutions to all waterproofing problems for both new and existing buildings that have problems.
We have realized with dozens of construction sites we seem to have no problem or advertising of works.
Jon shpk does not sell waterproofing products but PROVIDS GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS. Our way of working is – Knatieri Assessment – Technical Solution and Realization of works.
For more technical information about the products you can visit the web: www.volteco.it or log in directly from our site.

In addition to waterproofing services, Jon shpk is the official representative of the Australian company RADCRETE which produces products based on NANO technology.
Radcrete Company products are based on the interaction of the product with water and cement, making it possible to close or seal empty or air-tight spaces through concrete by penetrating deep into the concrete when it is “mature” and in this case the product is used. Radcon Formula # 7R or by combining in the case of use during the application of concrete such as Radmyx product.
Thus, JON shpk is able to produce waterproof concrete and to operate in environments with aggressive agents of all kinds, including salt water or those that contain heavy aggressive elements such as gallery water or mining.
The special feature of Radmyx is that it also performs the fluidization of concrete, making it very workable and reducing water.
Being based on NANO, Radmyx technology works by reactivating even when the engineering work is in use and undergoes cracks that allow water to enter.
Upon contact with water Radmyx re-enters the activity by blocking it.
For more you can get info on their website: www.radcrete.com.au or navigate through our site.